It’s REAL now!

Firstly, thank you to all the followers who have helped me reach 100+ in the past few days. I started this to document things about me (training etc) with no expectations. But to have over 100 people reading this is a great motivator!

Anyway, I am on the final countdown to my first fun run this coming Sunday. Again it is the City to Bay which is a 12km run starting in the Adelaide CBD and traveling to the Glenelg (The Bay).

I am ready to have a red hot go at this and today I went and picked up my runners bib (which I am pretty chuffed about) in preparation for Sunday.


Now while I want to do well in this run, I am not expecting a lot from myself other than to finish the run injury free. I’ve just got to have faith in my training and hope that the adrenalin and general excitement from all the participants helps me a bit also.

I will be on to provide a full update and a few pictures if the run at some point in the afternoon.

Wish me luck :)<


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