The Reason

I have “tried” (I use this word very loosely) to do the whole create a better me, get fit etc etc, but have never been 100% committed. I started when my daughter was born and was really successful and then stopped. I started again when my wife and I found out #2 was due, didn’t do so well and stopped again. Finally once my son was born in 2013 and realising how hard it is to run around after two little ones and at a touch over 150kgs I needed to make a change.

It has been a hell of a lot easier this time as I have had far more support in the early stages which changes your whole mindset on fitness. So with that in mind I have since knuckled down and have not looked back for one minute, and will continue doing so.


2 thoughts on “The Reason”

    1. Thank you for the kind words Michelle. I will be frequenting your blog later in the year when it comes time for me to build my gym at home….I can’t wait!

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