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Laziness/ Failure/ Complacency

What ever you want to call is exactly what has happened to me over the past few months!

Did I take it easier because I was doing so well….possibly!

Did I take it easier because I thought I had earned a break…..more than likely!

Did I take it easy because I somehow let myself slip back in to old habits……yes. Probably 80% of my poor structure over recent times falls in to this category!

The more I try and re-motivate myself to get back to where I was is falling on deaf (no one to blame but me) ears!

After speaking with a guys (who’s opinion I hold highly) he didn’t really have to say much as his ear to bash was part of the kick in the pants I needed. I mentioned that a key to my turn around in recent times was talking to whoever is reading my blog. Actually not even people reading it, more that it was an outlet for me to for lack of a better word ‘show off’!

I have lost structure and being a very goal oriented person I haven’t had any to really meet and then beat. So here I am again, back on the blogging bandwagon to help me get back to where I was, and then continue on forward again!

Honestly, in the past little while since I posted last I have gained almost 9 kilograms of the weight I had lost…..this is really disheartening and contributed a little to my lack of motivation.

I have still been running 2-3 times a week (ok it really averages out to every other week) and going to the gym twice a week also, but it is no where near the output I was working to previously.

To help push me in the right direction I have actually signed up to be a part of a ‘On/Off Diet’ research program which will run for up to a year. I think this will be good to help with keeping me on the right path and will actually help quite a bit with blog ideas and research for me to add myself.

So here I go! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes is meversusme 2.0!


Another weekend

Ahhhhh! I have almost finished a very nice weekend with my family. I have been around the house doing some cleaning and visited the park with the kids, and then this morning spent an hour or so at the beach .


After the beach we come home and had some lunch and the kids went to bed for their nap, and I went outside for a workout.

I completed the EMOM session I did on Tuesday evening, but this time added 5 double unders EMOM.

It was a painful session today for some reason (my legs were really fatigued, really early). I worked through it and feel fantastic (but general soreness) and pleased I pushed myself through it.

I did have some film to put up and show to you all, but I’m having a few technical difficulties with that at the moment. Hopefully I’ll have them up ready for my next post.

Until next time, happy fitness!

So it begins

Tomorrow is the day. Even though I have already completed so much in regards to my weight loss over the past 15 months, I feel a little nervous going forward tomorrow. As I have mentioned this year is one of the biggest I will face personally. This whole weight loss journey isn’t all about me, but my amazing wife and kids and everyone who has been by side so far. I really have no choice but to further succeed……Which I will do!

I can’t wait to get in to the first week and set myself up for an even bigger month and keep moving forward. Hopefully the numbers I put up at the end of the week aren’t too bad (I haven’t really kept track of how I go), but at least I will have something to really add fuel to the fire and continually get better at.

There’s a quote from Muhammad Ali that I have always liked and try and stay as close as possible too.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
With that in mind, I will be posting my numbers from the first week next weekend and very much looking forward to it.


Back to”normal”

The one good thing about returning to work today is that my eating will go back to normal (no more snacking just because I am at home). Unfortunately my will at home isn’t as strong as the one I have here at work….or maybe it’s the fact that I can only eat what I pack for lunch/ snacks the night before. Anyway, one of my main focus points going forward is definitely my food intake. From Monday I will be going back to my program (food wise) for a few weeks to get things back on track.

With the fitness training side of things, I will be working in 4 week blocks. Each block I will try and focus on a specific part of training, for example my first block will be high intensity cardio to try and shed some body fat. I am currently planning out the sessions I will be doing over the next four weeks. Along with this I will be doing fitness tests so I can judge to see how well I am doing, and I have something to report on and continually beat.

Once I have finished putting the final touches on the plan for the first block I will update it here for you to see. This will also include my goals for each month and overall for the year.