Finding inspiration

When things get hard (be honest it happens to everyone) you sometimes find yourself looking for a way out, or to not complete something 100% etc. I can say that this used to be me and occasionally I still go back to that mindset, but I can sense it and put steps in to action to snap myself out of it.

I have quite a few outlets to help myself out of the “rut” I may find myself in. The things I like to do are:

read/ look at/ watch things I enjoy (a big one at the moment is Crossfit)
go through pictures of my family
have a chat to my mate who has successfuly change his life by losing weight (he really is a great outlet)
try and fit in a workout or play golf

An example of things that really keep me going is the success of other people. One that I was reading this morning (and what gave me the idea of this post) is of a guy who lost 60kgs in one year, by himself and without any of his family knowing about it. He surprised them at christmas and the response from his family was awesome to watch.

Do yourself a favour and have a look at the link here

I was only going to do the one post tonight regarding my goals for the year as I finally finished, so that will still come later on today.


Two days down

I was debating if I should post every day or as much as possible, or leave it until the end of each week. I chose to do it once a day/ as much as possible, so here is update number two.

My run this morning was a little slower than yesterday (legs took a little while to warm up), but got through it unscathed. Today was the AMRAP session and I am pleased to say I completed it, but it wasn’t easy.

I ended up completing 6 rounds in the designated time which I was very surprised by. It was another session of hurt but to push through it and switch my brain off to the pain was such a great feeling.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I am very much looking forward to it. After seeing a post from another blog earlier today I will be taking the first lot of comparison photos. I think this will be great for me going forward knowing that each day I wake up I know that the day before is the heaviest I’ll ever weigh.

I’ll leave you with the below picture of tonight’s dinner which was AMAZING. For those playing at home, it was 150g of steak with brown rice, sweet potato, pumpkin and beans with a little squeeze of lemon.


Session 1, Week 1

The above picture is one thing I didn’t think I would ever do (and while I am ashamed I am also happy). I don’t usually pay attention to what comes back in the mirror (although some family and friends would say different), but I really liked what I saw looking back at the end of my session today.

About the workout itself…….It bloody HURT! It has been the first time in a while I haven’t been complacent/ lazy and either eased off or stopped the session completely. The session began with a 3km run from home to the gym (315cals in 23m20s). I have completed this run a lot quicker than this but haven’t done much running in the past 2 – 3 months.

Once at the gym I have a little stretch and get ready for what was ahead. As I ran I swapped the run part of the session for a ride. I got through the row and ride well and was actually feeling quite refreshed. From the cardio side of it, I went over to complete the squats and deadlifts. This is where my tone changed a little.

While I was enjoying the challenge of the EMOM session, it hurt so much (a good hurt). The first 5-6 minutes of both were relatively easy to manage, but the last part of both really felt like there was no rest and I was continually doing the work. This is one session that I think I will dread but look forward to for the remaining 3 weeks.

The above picture is as of today, but the below is the comparison shots that really got me going and keeps fuelling my fire. This was over 8 weeks where I lost 19.4kgs and realised how well I can actually do!


So it begins

Tomorrow is the day. Even though I have already completed so much in regards to my weight loss over the past 15 months, I feel a little nervous going forward tomorrow. As I have mentioned this year is one of the biggest I will face personally. This whole weight loss journey isn’t all about me, but my amazing wife and kids and everyone who has been by side so far. I really have no choice but to further succeed……Which I will do!

I can’t wait to get in to the first week and set myself up for an even bigger month and keep moving forward. Hopefully the numbers I put up at the end of the week aren’t too bad (I haven’t really kept track of how I go), but at least I will have something to really add fuel to the fire and continually get better at.

There’s a quote from Muhammad Ali that I have always liked and try and stay as close as possible too.

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.
With that in mind, I will be posting my numbers from the first week next weekend and very much looking forward to it.


Back to”normal”

The one good thing about returning to work today is that my eating will go back to normal (no more snacking just because I am at home). Unfortunately my will at home isn’t as strong as the one I have here at work….or maybe it’s the fact that I can only eat what I pack for lunch/ snacks the night before. Anyway, one of my main focus points going forward is definitely my food intake. From Monday I will be going back to my program (food wise) for a few weeks to get things back on track.

With the fitness training side of things, I will be working in 4 week blocks. Each block I will try and focus on a specific part of training, for example my first block will be high intensity cardio to try and shed some body fat. I am currently planning out the sessions I will be doing over the next four weeks. Along with this I will be doing fitness tests so I can judge to see how well I am doing, and I have something to report on and continually beat.

Once I have finished putting the final touches on the plan for the first block I will update it here for you to see. This will also include my goals for each month and overall for the year.

Being Honest

Those who know me have seen the changes I have gone through over the past twelve months. Now while I am proud of where I am at the moment, there is still a long way to go.

It has been a hard process to date, but I feel the hardest part is yet to come. I feel I am at a crossroads with all of my weight loss……I could easily slip back in to old ways (which technically isn’t an option), or I can go harder, longer, faster and build on the base I have already set for myself.
Now there is no way I am going back to my old ways, so I thought I would create a blog for me to keep track of everything I am doing (both training and food wise) and add a little extra accountability in what I do.
I will use this to provide updates on how I am going with training, food and also my everyday life.

This journey has a long way to go and a lot of things to offer. So I look forward to keeping you up to date as I move towards my goals.This will be predominantly around my weight loss and process, I may have some personal posts every now and then as it will be a major part in my progress.

Follow me to a new healthier me