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Laziness/ Failure/ Complacency

What ever you want to call is exactly what has happened to me over the past few months!

Did I take it easier because I was doing so well….possibly!

Did I take it easier because I thought I had earned a break…..more than likely!

Did I take it easy because I somehow let myself slip back in to old habits……yes. Probably 80% of my poor structure over recent times falls in to this category!

The more I try and re-motivate myself to get back to where I was is falling on deaf (no one to blame but me) ears!

After speaking with a guys (who’s opinion I hold highly) he didn’t really have to say much as his ear to bash was part of the kick in the pants I needed. I mentioned that a key to my turn around in recent times was talking to whoever is reading my blog. Actually not even people reading it, more that it was an outlet for me to for lack of a better word ‘show off’!

I have lost structure and being a very goal oriented person I haven’t had any to really meet and then beat. So here I am again, back on the blogging bandwagon to help me get back to where I was, and then continue on forward again!

Honestly, in the past little while since I posted last I have gained almost 9 kilograms of the weight I had lost…..this is really disheartening and contributed a little to my lack of motivation.

I have still been running 2-3 times a week (ok it really averages out to every other week) and going to the gym twice a week also, but it is no where near the output I was working to previously.

To help push me in the right direction I have actually signed up to be a part of a ‘On/Off Diet’ research program which will run for up to a year. I think this will be good to help with keeping me on the right path and will actually help quite a bit with blog ideas and research for me to add myself.

So here I go! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes is meversusme 2.0!