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….Is there anything further that needs to be said? Today for some silly reason I put myself through a fairly intense stair session. Overall I covered 3.49km in 26m24s.

The run was around 500-600m and then there was a little loop of stairs that I clibmed three times in between the running part of the session (pictures are below). It was my first high intensity session for a while and I knew I was going to be in a world of pain, but in the grand scheme of things it was totally worth it.

I have one more session remaining for the week at 10kms in lenght which will lead me in to my “rest” week before the City To Bay run on Sunday week.

That is all I have for today, but I am working on a couple of posts to publish over the coming days. One of these being a roundup of my food intake etc as part of the research program I am involved with, and the other is around celebrity endorsements in fitness/ health etc after reading an article about a celebrity parting ways with a weight loss support company here in Australia.

Until next time, happy fitness!
The bridge in the distance was where the run went to and then back again. Going towards the bridge was in to a lovely head wind!

This picture is of the stairs I was running on. While not overly long it was still a pain to do haha!


Another Day, More Stairs!

It was another stair day today, and I actually turned RunKeeper on to see how far I do travel during the time I run up and down the stairs.

Including the 1.3kms to and from the stairs, I completed 1.6kms worth of stair running. On top of this I completed Day 1 of the 30 Squat Challenge and my legs feel like htey are on FIRE!

I have been neglecting my core and lower back recently, so tonight will be a big core session (lots of planking, sit ups etc), and then tomorrow I will do an active recovery of a slow run which off the top of my head is around 3.1(ish)kms.

Still have to figure out 3 more goals/ tests for the month so let me have it if you have an idea.

Until next time, happy fitness!

there it is!!

WOW! I have missed that….A LOT! Today was a day where I really had to dig deep and sort of reinvent myself (I couldn’t think of anything else) in my training. I made a little visit to my old friend the stairs with another couple of guys. While I have trained with one of these guys quite a bit, the other I haven’t trained with for a long time and it was a good little reminder of how far I have actually come, and that I still have a little while to go. It was a time capped session to 30 minutes with the following ladder style workout:

1 x to the top of the ramp

2 x across the top

3 x to top of ramp

4 x across top

5 x to top of ramp

6 x across top

5 x to top of ramp

4 x across top

3 x ramp

2 x top

1 x ramp

It was more a metal test than a physical one, and I am pleased to say I gave it my all and didn’t leave anyting out there (well my body feels like that anyway). Below is a picture of how I felt upon completion of the workout 20140325-140013.jpg

Tonight will be a stretch and roll on the foam roller, and then tomorrow I will go for a light run to get some blood going through my legs, I know I am in for a bit of soreness tomorrow 😉 Until next time, Happy Fitness!

Training sessions x 2

I got a bit lost for time yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post my workout, so here is one post for today and yesterday.

Yesterday I did an active recovery session which consisted of:

2 x 1km row @ approximately 60-70%
10km ride
Then I completed a little bit of work on my arms (biceps and triceps)

My body was still a little tight from Tuesday evening so I didn’t really want to push myself to hard and chance an injury, but this was a nice little workout which I completed in around 50 minutes. I think I may have to work in a session like this every now and then as I was actually nice to do instead of the high intensity stuff I have been doing.

Today I ventured down to do the (fabulous, enjoyable, peaceful……ahh who am I kidding they suck) stair runs with a colleauge from work. This was a 20min AMRAP of

A lap of stair runs (which is around 200m)
10 air squats
10 pushups
10 tricep dips

I am pretty happy that I completed 164 (4 rounds) and one lap of stairs. So I was just below (I missed out on the squats etc) completing 5 full rounds. I am feeling every metre of running throughout my whole body, and think (weather permitting) I will be heading down to the beach with my family and having a littl recovery session there.

Overall I have had a good week, and looking forward to my weigh in to see how my last two weeks have gone. I’m hoping my old friend is nice to me 😉

Until next time, happy fitness!

The Month Of February

So after the craziness that was the Tour Down Under, I have sat down and looked at what I want to focus on for the next month block, and I feel that my conditioning and cardio has been lacking somewhat.

With that in mind, I am going to be focusing on a lot of high intensity cardio along with body weight conditioning (squats, burpess and pushups etc). I’m really looking forward to this month and setting myself some targets and tests (benchmarks essentially). So here it is (I would love to hear your feedback and what training you are doing yourself)

Weeks 1 and 4
Monday – 6 rounds (for time) of 200m run and 50 squats
Tuesday – 3 x 400m sprints (Morning Session) then stair runs for time (Afternoon Session)
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 3 rounds of 400m run/ 30 sit ups/ 20 squats/ 10 push ups
Friday – Fitness Test**
Saturday – 3 rounds of Thursday session but back to front
Sunday – Rest Day (activities with the kids)

Week 2
Monday – 5 rounds (for time) of 300m row and 10 burpees
Tuesday – 3 rounds of 2km row and 1km run (Morning Session) then stair runs for time (Afternoon Session)
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 3 rounds of 20 pull ups/ 30 push ups/ 40 sit ups/ 50 squats
Friday – 400m run then 20 burpees and sit ups/ 400m run then 15 burpees and sit ups/ 400m run then 10 burpees and sit ups
Saturday – Golf
Sunday – Rest Day (activities with the kids)

Week 3
Monday – Row to Failure – Row 300m under 1:15 to failure/ Bike Ride (as far as possible in 10 minutes)
Tuesday – 10min – 200m row/ 10min – Run 30s on 30s off/ 10min – Squat 15 @ 20kgs/ 10min – Deadlift 10 @ 20kgs
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 4 rounds (for time) of Stair Runs with tricep dip and pushups to failure
Friday – 6 rounds of 200m run/ 30 squats/ 20 sit ups/ 10 push ups
Saturday – Golf
Sunday – Rest Day (activities with the kids)

**Fitness Test
1km run
Basketball court shuttle runs in 1min
# of squats in 1min
# of pushups in 1min
# of burpees in 1min

After a great start to January I really fell off track towards the end of the month. While work was tough I didn’t help myself with my eating so I need to pull my head in and focus on this as I am in a great spot with my training. Bring on Monday!

PS – my day was made yesterday when I received a comment back from Australian Crossfit competitor Chad Mackay


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Training without training

Today (Day 4, Week 1) I trained without training. What I mean by this is, I ran to the gym like normal and then got there and completed my Thursday session…..the only problem was, I didn’t really train. It was so hard to get going once I began today (I said to a mate that I think my starter motor was shot), but the main thing is I still did more than what I would have if I stayed in bed for an extra 60-90minutes.

I ended up doing an upper body session as my legs were a bit crampy after my run, so I did stray a little from my program for today but like I said earlier it’s better than doing nothing at all.

All morning though I was kicking myself because I felt like I had wasted a session in the gym (which I shouldn’t have been). After I had finished hating on myself for not training like I should have, I was then umming and ahhrrring about going for a run at lunch time.

I am happy to say that finishing this post off today I did go for a run and ended up doing just under 2km worth of stair runs (picture below) in 23minutes with a break or two in between (they were hard alright haha).

I am so happy with myself for getting out there and doing the run as it wasn’t the most pleasant of mornings for me personally so GO ME!

Tonight I will go home and hopefully have my goal list and current photos updated on here (time got well and truly away from me last night) so fingers crossed.